The Success Fund






In order to continue to support The Missions Academy alumni through Freshman year in college, Edmundite Missions has created the Success Fund within The Academy.  The Academy is the first step on the road to post-secondary education for our students.  But the pathway does not stop with the first step. 

For our college-bound students who return to the care of their counselors at Selma High in 11th grade, support will continue in the form of Academy tutoring.  But as they progress along the pathway to self-reliance, they will need:

  • Tutoring support specifically for their essays
  • Financial assistance with the costs of college applications
  • Financial assistance to visit campuses where they are accepted to be sure the cultural fit is right; too many minority students are unhappy at college, and leave, not because of the academic work but because they do not feel at home
  • Financial assistance with unexpected freshman year costs for books or fees
  • Potential counseling during freshman year to help with the transition to campus

Edmundite Missions believes that the pathway to success requires two things: a supportive environment but also the personal determination and choices of each individual walking that pathway.  That personal determination and accountability is critical if a successful future is to be long and secure.  Successful application for support of the Success Fund by our Alumni will require that the student shows:

  • Intensity of Commitment: Participation in at least 66% of the teaching, training, field/college visit, or professional/career opportunities presented to them during their time in the Missions programs
  • Performance in Studies: A GPA in 11th and 12th gradse of at least 3.4; for alumni in their freshman year, at least a 3.0 GPA (or the grade equivalent if the first semester is not complete when help is requested)
  • Clarity of Purpose: For The Academy alumni in 11th and 12th grades, clear personal research into colleges of interest and an ability to articulate the reasons that applications/visits align with their future goals.  For college freshman, the ability to articulate their college direction relative to their personal goals
  • Criticality of Request: The specific request must be demonstrably critical to the next step on the pathway to self-reliance

Your support for the Success Fund of The Edmundite Missions Academy can help ensure that the steps along the pathway to self-reliance are steady and true.




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