A Pathway To Success

for the young people of Selma and other rural areas served by the Missions.

In our region of the
Deep South,

where as many as 80% of our children live in poverty, a quality education not only changes the lives of our youth and their families, it guarantees more long-term success and prosperity for our citizens, our businesses, and every other aspect of our community. Those are the reasons we make The Edmundite Missions Academy, for students in grades 7 through 10, one of our priority programs.

The Academy is an afternoon and weekend American College Testing (ACT) preparation program that strengthens students’ academic performance and increases their likelihood of having a successful college career. The program also includes instruction in financial awareness and the development of interpersonal skills and life skills.

American College Testing

Speakers, Site Visits, College Visits

To make sure the students have the real-world experiences that prime them for success, the Academy often invites guest speakers to answer career questions and broaden students’ knowledge of life in the world of work. Students visit colleges and universities, and professional settings like law offices, hospitals, laboratories, museums, and engineering and manufacturing centers.  We also invite their parents along so they can see the myriad benefits waiting for their children.

Academy students can also participate in Summer Experiential Earnings.

An initiative that helps students find paid summer jobs with local businesses and nonprofits in areas that interest them.  

Unemployment in Selma & Dallas county is double the national average, so confronting the challenge of intergenerational poverty is both critical and urgent. The Edmundite Missions Academy is a practical solution that makes a life-changing difference for our students, starting the day they enroll.

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