Programs for Academy Alumni


The Missions Academy recognizes that students need support through the college applications process, as well as in the transition to college in Freshman Year.  Therefore, The Missions Academy has created an Alumni Association for its alumni from 11th grade through Freshman year.

Through the Association, Academy Alumni can request

  • Tutoring assistance
  • Advice on college selection
  • Skill building and mentoring in the development of college application essays
  • Assistance with completing college applications
  • Counseling and advice on choosing among schools to which they have been accepted
  • Advice on Freshman year academic selections
  • As available, tutoring in college Freshman year subjects, usually during vacations at home

The families of Alumni can request assistance with completing the FAFSA form for college financial assistance.

In addition, The Missions Academy has created a Success Fund.  Alumni can apply to the Success Fund for assistance with the costs of

  • College applications
  • Travel to colleges to which they have been accepted to be part of Acceptance Day programs to help choose the right college
  • Materials and supplies needed to begin college life
  • Unexpected incidental fees associated with Freshman year
  • Crisis counseling Freshman year

Moreover, The Missions Academy helps its Alumni more deeply understand how to succeed in college by providing peer mentors who are in college and periodic digital Fireside Chats with college students from the backgrounds of our Alumni who can open up conversations about the problems, solutions, and opportunities of life on campus.

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

Hebrews 13:16

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